Guitar Beginner Guitar For Toddlers?
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beginner Guitar For Toddlers?


Ever imagined a 2 year toddler playing a guitar to the tune of the the 'ABC' song? I just had that stray thought shoot past my mind. I'm sure its quite difficult to fathom that picture, but to see if that could be true, i did a search on Youtube and saw a video of this little kid who could strum a song on the guitar perfectly in rhythm!So, its a reality!

Also,from the Google search results I discovered a company named that actually sells beginner guitar videos that are tailored for a fun and interactive family learning experience for parents as well as their little ones. Check it out at the iPlayMusic website here..

Well, thats it for a long time away from posting on this blog due to military service. And happy Deepavali to all my friends as you enjoy the public holiday!


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Progressive Rocker said...

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Lis said...

Nice one, I can't believe too until I've seen the video! It's really important to teach kids during their young age so as to really master whatever you want to teach them. I mean, Mozart-like type of learning wherein he used to do music when he was really young because his father is a musician too.

Learning the guitar though is not that hard, since there are a lot of tools available nowadays. Guitar beginners can freely choose which tool suits their needs or they can hire someone who can teach them personally too. One good video tutorials that will teach anyone on how to play the guitar is Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz. It's a pretty comprehensive package that will surely help you familiarize with the guitar easily and teach you step by step up to mastery. The author, Steve Krenz has a blog, Guitar Lessons Blog, which he use to post some additional tips about the tool and about guitar in general.