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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beginner Guitar Chord Charts- Even More Chords!


I found this very comprehensive guitar chord chart from the Guitar Warrior website.
It is worth checking out, especially if you are feeling bored with the standard basic chords.

Click on the image to get the full size if you need to print it out!

(Disclaimer: Chord chart is property of Guitar Warrior. Here is the link: )

Beginner Guitar Lessons Chord Charts-The 7 Basic Major Chord Patterns


There are a total of 7 basic major chords every beginner guitarist should master. Start here with these 7 easy chords, and then progress on.
Here they are:

(Chord chart credits to )

Beginner Guitar Chord Chart


First up, I have to acknowledge that this chord chart does not belong to me, but it is the property of Ty Lombardi from Electric Guitar Blog ( I'm now starting to be more careful about copyright violations, after I realised I had ignorantly lifted off a guitar chord chart from someone else's site two years back!

He has created this very useful, comprehensive guitar chord chart, and though it was meant for electric guitar, it is actually a good starting place for beginners who are looking for a decent beginner guitar chord chart to learn.

To print it out, click the image below and it will pop up in full size. Then press "print" from your file menu or press ctrl+p. That's it!

Feel free to share with others whom you know are learning too, and also visit Ty's blog if you can.


How To Make Full Use Of Guitar Lessons For Beginners


Great guitarists like John Mayer will attribute one word to their success: Persistency

Guitar lessons for beginners require persistency. Persistency is the keyword in becoming a good guitarist. It WILL be time-consuming, period.Therefore, to become a good guitarist, finding good guitar lessons for beginners are a MUST!

There are several ways of doing so. Approaching a guitar instructor, or registering for online guitar lessons will be most ideal. However, it will be most ideal to get an instructor for one-on-one training, as you get customised lessons.

Usually in the first few lessons,you'll learn musical chords that can be played on the guitar, and the next thing you will learn is how to place your fingers on the guitar strings. Knowing how to play those chords are essential, as they range from A to G. You will also learn how to tune and arrange you strings. After you have tune the six strings on your guitar, with the help of your instructor, you'll be introduced to the concept of open tabs and first position.

Persistent practice will make you good in choosing the right tunes to practise with, as well as in changing keys and notes. As a learner you have to know the difference between playing and practice. Both are essential, but don't mistake one for another.

The best players are approached regularly by the ones with wide-ranging musical taste. As a beginner learner, exposing yourself to different genres of music is a very fast way of learning guitar,as no style of music sucks. This is a perfect complement to all guitar lessons for beginners. You learn best by hearing!

Being persistent in getting the right timing is also another one of most important secrets in learning guitar, as you have to learn how to keep the tempo going correctly for any song you play. It is a habit that needs to be developed over time.

In my experience, it is also good if you have some form of guitar learning guide too. Guitar E-Books, nowadays more commonly available online, are one of the best ways to help complement your guitar learning experience. Never understimate the power of having a good guitar guide to help you learn the guitar.

Beginners Guitar Lessons Are The Key To Learn Guitar Quickly!


Mention 'beginners guitar lessons',and most people would shudder at the impression of having to go through the pain of pressing their soft fingers against steel strings. If you are one such person reading this article, and have been discouraged trying to take up beginners guitar lessons and you went nowhere, read on.

There are a lot of people around that have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but have never seemed to find the time to seek out lessons. With the internet, a person can get beginners guitar lessons right from the comfort of their home. No longer is there the need to walk out the door and drive to the instructor.

Many websites have been designed to allow people to take step by step lessons that will have them playing simple tunes in no time at all. Being able to visualize what is being taught makes it an even easier way for people to learn then the conventional ways of the past.

People can learn scales(often a scary subject, but isn't!), how to read the tablature, how to play chords and many other things without spending a dime in most cases. Many of the beginner's guitar lessons that are found online are free.

With the beginners guitar lessons offered in this manner you will quickly learn everything that you could imagine with the guitar. The sites even go as far as to teach you what to look for when it comes to buying a guitar.

Advice on the types of guitars that are available and the kinds of music that they are often associated with can also be found on websites that offer beginners guitar lessons. For example, the Ukelele (a miniature guitar), is often associated with Hawaiian music. These beginner guitar sites also give good tips when it comes to price factors as well. This is altogether good information to have on hand before you head out and actually purchase a guitar.

With the ability to see everything that you need on your monitor it makes learning the vital fundamentals of guitar very easy. There is hope for anyone when it comes to learning the guitar, and all that they need is to show the initiative and effort and the improvements will start to show in due time.

But you may question: "Why taking up beginners guitar lessons are the key to learning guitar quickly?"

Have you ever noticed that the construction time for laying the pillars of a building always takes the longest, but when the foundations are laid, the structure goes up very quickly!

When you invest in laying the proper foundations in beginner guitar lessons,you will get up and running learning more advanced guitar stuff such as tabs in no time!

Beginner Guitar Tabs Will Help You Understand Chords Faster


This is a short introduction to beginner guitar tabs

Guitar tabs are a very old way of writing music down. This is done so that other musicians or learners can understand how to play a particular song.

An example of a guitar tab for the chord (A major) is shown here:


Open tabs are usually the first few tabs which a beginning guitar player learns. It may not be easy to learn at first, but with regular practice a learner can quickly get a hang of it quickly. Beginner guitar tabs are used a lot in music compositions. They are used mostly on acoustic guitar, but can be transcribed for electric guitar riffs too.

The best way to learn how to play the beginner guitar tabs is by learning musical chords. Beginner guitar tab are used everyday by beginners as well as advanced players in all styles of music.

Beginner guitar tabs often are written in such a way that they represent chords, and every guitarist needs to know how these chords work. Chords are named according to letters going from A to G.

Here are some of the most basic chords:

Minor Chords-

An 'm' after a letter means that the chords are a minor(etc. Am)

Seventh Chords-

A '7' after the letter means that the chords are a dominant seventh(etc. E7).

Major Chords(most common)-

Letters without 'm' and '7' mean that the chord is a major chord(Bmaj etc.).

It is advisable for beginners to practice these chords in tabulature form until they have memorized them. This will greatly help in chord changing fluidly.

This is only a beginner's outline but the real musical pleasure comes after learning and practicing. Many people believe that learning the guitar requires some extraordinary skill, and some even have this mythical mindset that becoming a good guitarist requires some unimaginable supernatural blessing(which of course is not true!)

Note that guitar tabs are sometimes shared with the standard note script, and once you learn what note each of the six strings on your guitar plays, you would have covered another important step in learning guitar tabs. All the numbers associated with guitar tabs can be played together at the same time, or what is termed as a 'strum'. A beginner can visit online forums or subscribe to a musical band or group to have a comprehensive knowledge of beginner guitar tabs.

Beginner Guitar Music-Stop Playing Ugly Sounding Tunes Today!


How you start learning beginner guitar music will come a long way in influencing the quality of sounds you'll play on your guitar in the future.Let me explain why in this article.

Music is one thing that has helped man to become a civilized being. It has differentiated human from other planet beings. Every person on the globe likes to listen to good music. There are a number of musical instruments which produce music. The guitar is a very famous music instrument. It is a stringed instrument and produces beautiful, melodic tunes.

Many people love to play the guitar as it not only produces good music but also provides great style. A guitar usually has six strings that are stretched over a wooden plane that is hollow. Many people would love to learn how to compose beginner guitar music, but have no idea how to.So they settle for a compromise on wrong methods of pressing their chords, wrong ways to strum the guitar. This explains why how you start learning beginner guitar music affects the sound quality that comes from your fingers.

All these could be resolved with proper instruction.

The following instructions will help you to play proper, nice sounding chords on your guitar. These instructions help you to understand the basic notes in guitar and help you to know your basics in a better manner. In this example, you will learn how to play the "G" chord, a relatively simple chord. The G chord is made of three basic notes: "G,B,G"

First Step:

The first step is to place the second finger of your left hand on the third fret of the first string (top down), to get the root note of the chord and this produces the note, G.

Second Step:

The next step is to place the index finger of your left hand on the second fret of the second string (top down) to get the note, B.

Third Step:

The final step is to place the third finger of your left hand the player on the third fret of the sixth string(top down) and this produces the note, G.

If you did do the above mentioned steps correctly, you should see something like this in guitar tabulature:


Now, clinching your right thumb and index finger together in a pincer shape, strum the full length of the six guitar strings over your sound hole. Congrats! You have strummed your first chord.

I hope this example helps you to understand the most basic guitar playing theory: Chords.

If you want to understand the basics better, you should do some research online and practise along with jam tracks. Listening to more songs will expose you to learning to pick up the musical chords behind the song, and you will be able to play the guitar in a more convincing way. However, the best way to really start creating beginner guitar music is to buy a beginner guitar E-Book and read it, as the information provided are very simple to understand.

If you would just keep doing the advice shared, you should be able to play more notes, and eventually be able to play good music on your guitar.

Learn Beginner Guitar Chords Quickly In No Time


Learn Beginner Guitar Chords Quickly In No Time.

Beginner guitar chords are what every beginning guitarist should start learning. This is the most important factor in order to properly understand how to play the guitar. The guitar chord has a significant role in most guitar lessons.If you do not learn the chords properly, you can not expect to do well in mastering this versatile instrument. Here are five killer tips to master your chords quickly:

1.Start with the basic chords

Basic guitar chords are A, G, D, and C which are open chords. This is a combination of minor and major chords like the D Minor, A Minor, C Major and so on. If you are able to play a few of them, you can begin to create tunes from your guitar.

Every learner of the guitar class must learn to play these basic chords to become good players of guitar.

2.Practice Smart!

Practice makes you a perfect exponent of the music. You have to learn to put the fingers at correct places to create correct sound notes and then only you hope to create good musical tunes to please everybody.The key to success in guitar playing is only practicing. More and more of practicing will bring perfection and success with your beginner guitar chords venture.

But it is also important for you to practise smart! For a start, you must where to put the correct fingers and press the correct frets on correct strings, so that your guitar playing will improve by leaps and bounds. Illustration charts which are readily available online show the correct position of fingers with a particular chord. While working on the family of chords, practice on songs that are easier to play.

3.Experiment with chord families

Somewhere along the way, you will encounter a new term called 'chord families',which will require a basic understanding of guitar chords. For instance the chord family of A is a contribution of A, D and E chords and so on. It is better to start with one family and to give it a thorough practice to get it imprinted in mind. Once you have mastered a few chord families, nearly every song that you hear at the music shops, you will be able to discern what chord families those tunes belong to,

4.Regular guitar maintenance

People often overlook this. Regular guitar maintenance like changing old strings helps to boost confidence, and in turn, boost your ability to learn beginner guitar chords quickly. Take care of guitar strings and when they wear out, change those strings and tune them properly for the best sound effect.

5.Use a Guitar Ebook as a guide

Why bother forking out $500 for a private guitar instructor? A good guitar E-Book is sufficient enough to guide any beginning guitarist along the right path of learning the basics. These days, the Internet offers many cheap beginner guitar E-books that also teach the more common beginner guitar chords like A, G, E.

3 Hot Tips To Finding A Good Beginner Guitar Lesson Online


3 Hot Tips To Finding A Good Beginner Guitar Lesson Online

Taking a beginner guitar lesson online can be quite expensive. I know, it is just terrible, but like most things, you can always find something free online. Believe it or not, you can also find a good beginner guitar lesson online, for free.

Tip 1: Find those that offer follow up lessons!

Taking up these lessons will bring you through all the basics you need to start practicing and, you may even find follow up lessons. Most basic beginner guitar lesson guides generally consist of learning how to hold a guitar, what parts the instrument is made of, how to pick, a few chords, a scale and even a couple of songs to play along with (so you can quickly taste the fruits of your labor.)

Tip 2: Find those that provide you with special advice

There are vast amounts of online resources where these lessons can be found, and some sites will even tell you how to fix your guitar if you happened to inherit an old one requiring some form of repair before you can play it. So look for some good guitar lessons which provide you with an introduction to this instrument from a holistic point of view.

Tip 3: Find those that give you buying tips

Next you are going to need a six-string guitar, and does much help if the online guitar lesson site you are looking at provides you with solid advice on purchasing a guitar.I think this is obvious, but worth mentioning anyway, because guitar lessons are, after all, aimed at people who have one. If you don't own an instrument, you can always borrow one until you get your own. You will also need a medium gauge guitar pick, a chair which has no arms and a fair amount of patience.

By the end of your first guitar lesson, you should have learned how to hold the instrument, the different parts it is made up of, the name of the open strings, how to tune the guitar, how to hold a pick, and how to use what you've learnt to play at least one chromatic scale. It would also be nice if you could play a simple tune using the Dmajor, Gmajor and Cmajor chords.

The sooner you see results from your beginner guitar lessons, chances are you are going to want to learn more. But remember, patience is the one key factor that will ensure your success. If you have a short attention span, split your lessons to stay focused.

That's all for now folks!