Guitar Beginner Guitar Tabs Will Help You Understand Chords Faster
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beginner Guitar Tabs Will Help You Understand Chords Faster


This is a short introduction to beginner guitar tabs

Guitar tabs are a very old way of writing music down. This is done so that other musicians or learners can understand how to play a particular song.

An example of a guitar tab for the chord (A major) is shown here:


Open tabs are usually the first few tabs which a beginning guitar player learns. It may not be easy to learn at first, but with regular practice a learner can quickly get a hang of it quickly. Beginner guitar tabs are used a lot in music compositions. They are used mostly on acoustic guitar, but can be transcribed for electric guitar riffs too.

The best way to learn how to play the beginner guitar tabs is by learning musical chords. Beginner guitar tab are used everyday by beginners as well as advanced players in all styles of music.

Beginner guitar tabs often are written in such a way that they represent chords, and every guitarist needs to know how these chords work. Chords are named according to letters going from A to G.

Here are some of the most basic chords:

Minor Chords-

An 'm' after a letter means that the chords are a minor(etc. Am)

Seventh Chords-

A '7' after the letter means that the chords are a dominant seventh(etc. E7).

Major Chords(most common)-

Letters without 'm' and '7' mean that the chord is a major chord(Bmaj etc.).

It is advisable for beginners to practice these chords in tabulature form until they have memorized them. This will greatly help in chord changing fluidly.

This is only a beginner's outline but the real musical pleasure comes after learning and practicing. Many people believe that learning the guitar requires some extraordinary skill, and some even have this mythical mindset that becoming a good guitarist requires some unimaginable supernatural blessing(which of course is not true!)

Note that guitar tabs are sometimes shared with the standard note script, and once you learn what note each of the six strings on your guitar plays, you would have covered another important step in learning guitar tabs. All the numbers associated with guitar tabs can be played together at the same time, or what is termed as a 'strum'. A beginner can visit online forums or subscribe to a musical band or group to have a comprehensive knowledge of beginner guitar tabs.