Guitar 3 Hot Tips To Finding A Good Beginner Guitar Lesson Online
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3 Hot Tips To Finding A Good Beginner Guitar Lesson Online


3 Hot Tips To Finding A Good Beginner Guitar Lesson Online

Taking a beginner guitar lesson online can be quite expensive. I know, it is just terrible, but like most things, you can always find something free online. Believe it or not, you can also find a good beginner guitar lesson online, for free.

Tip 1: Find those that offer follow up lessons!

Taking up these lessons will bring you through all the basics you need to start practicing and, you may even find follow up lessons. Most basic beginner guitar lesson guides generally consist of learning how to hold a guitar, what parts the instrument is made of, how to pick, a few chords, a scale and even a couple of songs to play along with (so you can quickly taste the fruits of your labor.)

Tip 2: Find those that provide you with special advice

There are vast amounts of online resources where these lessons can be found, and some sites will even tell you how to fix your guitar if you happened to inherit an old one requiring some form of repair before you can play it. So look for some good guitar lessons which provide you with an introduction to this instrument from a holistic point of view.

Tip 3: Find those that give you buying tips

Next you are going to need a six-string guitar, and does much help if the online guitar lesson site you are looking at provides you with solid advice on purchasing a guitar.I think this is obvious, but worth mentioning anyway, because guitar lessons are, after all, aimed at people who have one. If you don't own an instrument, you can always borrow one until you get your own. You will also need a medium gauge guitar pick, a chair which has no arms and a fair amount of patience.

By the end of your first guitar lesson, you should have learned how to hold the instrument, the different parts it is made up of, the name of the open strings, how to tune the guitar, how to hold a pick, and how to use what you've learnt to play at least one chromatic scale. It would also be nice if you could play a simple tune using the Dmajor, Gmajor and Cmajor chords.

The sooner you see results from your beginner guitar lessons, chances are you are going to want to learn more. But remember, patience is the one key factor that will ensure your success. If you have a short attention span, split your lessons to stay focused.

That's all for now folks!