Guitar Beginner Guitar Chord Chart
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beginner Guitar Chord Chart


First up, I have to acknowledge that this chord chart does not belong to me, but it is the property of Ty Lombardi from Electric Guitar Blog ( I'm now starting to be more careful about copyright violations, after I realised I had ignorantly lifted off a guitar chord chart from someone else's site two years back!

He has created this very useful, comprehensive guitar chord chart, and though it was meant for electric guitar, it is actually a good starting place for beginners who are looking for a decent beginner guitar chord chart to learn.

To print it out, click the image below and it will pop up in full size. Then press "print" from your file menu or press ctrl+p. That's it!

Feel free to share with others whom you know are learning too, and also visit Ty's blog if you can.