Guitar Beginner Guitar Lessons-Chord Charts (Part 3)
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Beginner Guitar Lessons-Chord Charts (Part 3)


Basic Guitar Chord Charts

A Great Tool for Learning the Basics

If you’re a beginning guitar player, basic guitar chord charts are an indispensible tool for learning chords. Chords form the backbone of most rock and pop music. You can play thousands of songs with just a dozen or so fairly easy chords!You should practice these basic chords repeatedly until you know them cold, and can transition from one to the next quickly.

What are basic guitar chords?

When you are first learning to play guitar, concentrate on learning basic chords to build a solid foundation. There are three basic groups of chords: major, minor, and dominant seventh (7th) . These three groups of chords make up much of the world's music.

The Basic Guitar Chord Chart below shows you how to play 15 chords. These are “open chords” played with one or more open strings and with all fingering near the end of the fretboard near the nut. Open chords are the easiest type to learn and play, and are the best place to start.

After you have mastered these fairly easy chords, you can always go on to Barre Chords, and other more complex chords later. Master the basics first! A good way to make practicing these basic chords more interesting is to play them in groups known as Chord Families. This will alow you to pretty quickly play some great chord progressions and songs.

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The Basic Guitar Chord Chart

The Basic Guitar Chord Chart below shows a good variety of some easy-to-play open chords. The chords are represented in the form of a guitar chord diagram or “box” that is much easier to read than standard musical notation.

(Disclaimer: The chord chart above is not mine. It belongs to Peter, from . )


puffkingjr said...

what the heck is the poiunt of putting your fingers down if you do not stum the stings that have fingers on them

Anonymous said...

So that you have your fingers ready for other chords that are coming up....duh.

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