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Monday, March 26, 2007

Learn from the experts..


Another cool way of learning guitar fast is by learning from those who are much more skilled than yourself. If we ever want to improve, we must be willing to be humbled and to learn from better guitarists.

I remember sitting at the feet of my pals who were WAY better guitar players in the past, I benefitted from acquiring new tricks and styles from them. I'm a classical, contempo player with the acoustic, but as i was exposed to my friend Jeremiah's playing on the electric, i picked up palm muting technqiues from him which have carried me a looooong long way. (thanks dajie!) never hurts to learn more. The wise person is one who is ever willing to humble himself and learn more, while a fool would think that he knows everything.

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David Stefanini said...

I put up a link right now for this site. Look forward to hearing from you soon..