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Tuesday, March 27, 2007



I'm typing this entry from a cyber cafe now. (What a place to talk about guitars, with CounterStrike 1.6 and Dota blaring in the background haha!)

Well, i want to tell you that it has been 6 nice years of guitaring, and i'm still learning. It is a temptation for a person who has many years of experience under his belt, even outside the realm of guitars, to say that he has learnt enough. As was with the previous post, great guitar legends are not born from complacency, but with an imbuilt desire to keep advancing, and advancing, and advancing in knowledge, skills and competency. However, passion is the thing that drives them!

I remember in the first two years when i just starting improving in my skills, that i would faithfully spend at least 3 hours every 3-4 days in a week to practise my guitar. Back then, i owned a classical guitar, so that was where i begun training. In fact, in those two years, I nicknamed my guitar 'grandfather', because it knew me inside out (especially my armpit and fingers hah!).. As age wore on with time (polytechnic etc..), i found that i had less time to practise.

This was where passion really came in, and though my time spent practising the guitar wasn't as long as 2-3hrs a day, I still eeked out spare time to play it (like before going to bed, sometimes i even refused to bathe just to play it!), and i still maintain this pattern till now.

Therefore, passion will drive you far, even in the boring times where you pick up your guitar and feel like there's nothing new to play. Keep pressing on!

Signed out

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