Guitar Ok..i've found a very INNOVATIVE way to finance your guitar..
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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ok..i've found a very INNOVATIVE way to finance your guitar..


Oh well! If you're planning to set you eyes upon buying a guitar soon but want to earn some extra income in the meanwhile, this may interest you.

I was just surfing blogs on Friday, and happened to chance upon the blog of this guy who says he's being paid to set the URL of this new search company to his homepage, and to use it normally like you would with Google.

Thought it was kinda interesting, so i thought would just check it out and sign up. Basically, the company is called SlashMySearch, and it is a new search engine that is paying people to use its services and promote it. They have a 3 tier revenue generating structure: You, the first level,
Your direct referrals(60% of their earnings), and your referrals referrals(20%).

It says that it pays you just for surfing activity on the net. So i tried it out, and guess what, within 30mins of surfing and trying their engine, my earnings increased USD$0.05cents just like that! So, i thought i was cool, and i referred another 3 friends, and 1 of them referred another 3 more, and just 2hours ago, my earnings shot up from $0.12 to $0.40 in just 1 hr of doing nothing!And it was continually increasing even up till hte point i wrote this (now it's $0.45cents)

So i made a calculation, and did an excel formula spreadsheet, and i calculated how much i could earn assuming the following factors remain constant:

1. Each hour a person surfs,he earns $0.25,
2. He surfs for 2 hrs daily..
3.My targeted direct referrals are 10 people for this month(level 2)
4.Each of my referrals refers 10 more referrals=100 referrals(10 X 10)(level 3 downline)

I would earn easily USD$405 in just one month.

Here are the workings screen shot from Excel:

Myself (level 1)

Ave. $$ earned per hr

Ave.hrs surfed per day 2
Total $$ per day
Total $$ per month

Direct Referrals (level 2)


Total $$ per month-individual 15
Total $$ per month-all 150
Total Comm from Direct Lines 90

Referrals Referrals (level 3)


Total $$ per month-individual 15
Total $$ per month-all 1500
Total Comm from Down Lines 300

Total earned Per mth(USD) 405
Total earned Per mth(SGD) 611.55

Hows that just for taking a bit of effort to use the search engine and to promote it to your friends?

Plus its 100% completely free to join, so we have nothing to lose!

Why not check it out below?

Check out SlashMySearch

So, buying that Taylor guitar isn't a too faraway dream after all for you...

Signed out,