Guitar What if you are a left-handed guitar player?
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What if you are a left-handed guitar player?


As read this, you may be wondering..

"All the lessons that I've learnt in the past have got to do with right handed guitar players. So what do I do if i'm a left hander?"

Glad you ask that!

A distinct and important group of guitar players are the left-handed guitarists.

The left-handed guitar is held with the freeboard in the right hand and picking done with the left hand. The strings are reversed, and the guitar looks like a mirror image of a right-handed guitar.

One thing you must consider is how available left-handed guitars are. Until recently, they have been pretty hard to find and you’re still going to have some trouble located a left-handed guitar is you’re set on one particular style.

However, good musical instruments manufacturers make no assumptions, and are not biased toward only the right-handed player. The left-handed player is equally dear to them. They make it a point to give this player many options and do their best to accommodate the left-handed guitar player. They are adding several new lines of left-handed acoustic guitars including 6 or 12 strings, either metal or nonmetal. Many manufacturers offer left-handed players the option of specially ordering a specific guitar. The price depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the acoustics, the material body and visual appeal. Those with finished necks and mahogany bodies are usually very expensive. Guitars manufactured by left-handed guitar specialists also cost more. Some manufacturers and music shops offer free lessons especially made for left-handed beginners.

Ok, so you need not worry. There willl always been an available left-handed guitar that you can ask from any local guitar dealer:- you just have to make a special request, and they'll be more than glad to help you...


Greg said...

my son is left-handed and wants to learn to play acoustic guitar left-handed, but the school music teacher has told him that he'll have to "learn right-handed like everyone else." I was shocked by this mentallity and wondered if this is the universal thought amongst beginner teachers???

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it is generally the way people feel. The teacher may be attempting to spare your son aggravation down the road.

The economics don't allow for lefties to have much say in the matter as it is a production issue to make lefties. They'd have to make the right-handed in one run, then change the machines over to do the left-handed runs.

As a lefty, I find myself often frustrated by either the lack of selection or availability. You can't try out many lefties unless you want a Strat or LP.

I'd advise your son to try it out. If he truly feels this is awkward-feeling because of wrong-handedness and not learning hurdles, then continue using the lefties. It won't be easy when he gets the urge to buy guitars though. :)

Hope it helps for what it's worth! Good luck, southpaw!

Anonymous said...

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