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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free Guitar E-Book in progress


Since this blog was conceived in May 2007, the traffic has grown considerably to approx. 100 unique viewers and 150 pageloads per day, with a couple of repeat visitors as of July 09. I must confess that in 2008, I did not really post much on this blog as I was serving my National Service. However, the traffic still kept growing! And I believe that it has helped many who are looking for useful information on a range of topics like tuning your guitar, what to consider when buying a new acoustic etc. So I want to say a big thank you to all who are reading this, and have supported this blog,

I've also received many useful and constructive comments from various people who do drop by this blog. One such thing that I noticed in my logs is that people tend to have difficulty searching for topics like learning how to tune the guitar, learning chord structures on this blog, due to the complicated nature of the categories. As part of my passionate pursuit to share and add value to visitors to this blog, I am in the works of developing a compiled e-book, "How to Play the Guitar Like a Pro!" which will address common topics searched in Guitar-Werks like:

  • Methods for tuning your guitar
  • Learning chord structure
  • Learning basic 4/4 rhythm strumming
  • How to Strum

The date of launch will be on the 28th of July(Singapore GMT). It's a free download, and it's my way of saying 'thank you' to you for just visiting this blog, and making it possible.Do leave your comments here if you are interested to get a copy of it. Thanks!