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Friday, July 31, 2009


Looks like we have another winning application for the iPhone now! Yonac Software has released the very first real steel probably ever to exist on your iPhone and iPod Touch..the steel guitar.

"With its gorgeous open-tuning sounds (you can change the tuning on the spot, to your preference), easy-to-manipulate "slide bar" and accelerometer controlled string bending, it is a unique app that fits the iPhone interface like the proverbial glove. Unlike the countless copycat guitar apps with pain-in-the-neck controls and non-existent playability, Steel Guitar is a masterpiece of elegance and simplicity that is built to empower your musicality. Experience it for yourself.
"(taken from their website)

These just some of the features that Steel Guitar boasts:

1.4 different instruments

that offer a choice among four unique tube-driven tones. So basically its 4X4

2.Pedal to the Metal

You can lay it flat, pluck, and rotate along the four axes to play a lick, or change the chord

3.Playability First

You can simply use a single fingertip to slide through a I-IV-V without the risk of damaging your phone

4.Pluck 'n' Tune

Never worry about turning the peg of a real guitar and bursting the string. Just tap the arrows and pluck to see where it takes you.